Our mobile application is allowed to connect directly to our cloud services giving you streamlined controls of the camera software & features. For those people who are always on the run, our mobile application software makes it easy for you to stay informed. View, connect, and control your cellular camera systems from the freedom of all your mobile devices. Our most popular feature on our mobile application is the “Live Look” video & images, which gives you instant verification of your surveillance area.



Our R&D Department consists of a team of specialists who have over 15 years of experience in the software and hardware developmentin varies industries and good at providing custom and OEM solutions include:

● Camera configuration customization

√ Custom configuration 

√ Custom functions

● Mobile Application customization 

√ Custom and branded user interfaces

√  Support for specific field application

√  Data analytics and alerting functions

●Cloud service providers access customization


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● Camera system combines an HD camera, battery backup, solar charger, cellular modem( WiFi modem), local storage and computing into one integrated compact device, which is powered from a small solar panel (included) and the built-in battery system provides continues operation for several days even if there is no solar input.

● The camera system communicates over cellular or WiFi connection to the Camera Software  & Cloud Service. 

● The camera system automatically uploads collected time captured or on-demand images and video streams to the camera software for viewing.

● Users login to the camera software from PC or mobile device to control the cameras or view images and videos.

● Our Cloud Service is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the leading provider of cloud computing and highly scalable, highly reliable, world-wide hosting services. The camera system is built on this rock solid foundation to provide secure, reliable storage of your data and access to your cameras.


The Mobile Application is a graphical user interface software for configuring and controlling your  Sunwebcam camera. Key features include:

■ On-demand image capture

■ Video streaming

■ Supports Sunwebcam cameras over cellular or WiFi

■ Multi-users simultaneous users

■ Multiple levels of access control

■ Share and export images and web pages

■ View multiple cameras from one account