Which Places Will The 3g4g Camera Widely Use?

- Jul 13, 2017-

Cable network cannot reach, or cable network where prices too expensive: high tension line such as power lines, highways, environmental monitoring, forest fire prevention, street lamps, oil drilling, oil pipelines, logistics, transport, flood control and emergency, etc.;

Places where personnel are not accessible: dangerous places such as inflammable and explosive, disease transmission areas and other microbial danger areas;

Relatively fixed place to be monitored, where temporary wiring will cost wasted: temporary protection, public security investigation force field training, temporary construction sites, temporary activities, convention and exhibition center, etc.

Special environment monitoring business: such as forest fire prevention, oil field, field substation monitoring and other industries with special environment.In these areas, the area is wide and the user is sparse, the cable line outdoor erection and maintenance costs are very high, so the 3G wireless video monitoring can play its important application value.

Public transportation security mobile monitoring service: to satisfy all kinds of traffic tools in the process of mobile video monitoring requirements, apply to the financial public security police cars, vans, urban management monitoring, emergency rescue vehicles, freight car, bus, taxi and other various types of vehicles, subway, railway or shipping.