What Makes Solar 4G Camera Different From Others

- Nov 13, 2017-

Solar 4G camera, with its full name solar 4G wireless camera, is a new generation of IOT wireless network camera from Zhongshan Gatesea Technology Co., Ltd, which can simultaneously transfer video and sound and send various sensor signals like signals of humidity sensor, wind power sensor and water level sensor. However, what makes solar 4G camera standout in such era of digital products.


In fact, many functions of the digital products are more and more humanized to realize the most convenience for people, and solar 4G camera is no exception. As its name, solar 4G camera can send video and voice through 3g/4g and wifi network. And it supports GPS function, it is very convenient for people to manage the cameras remotely.

The working time is also important for people. People will have doubt for the products which needs constant charging, which will also has bad effect on user experience. Solar 4G camera has low power consumption, its standby time is about 20 days, working time is about 5 days. The system of solar 4G camera is particular, it is a remote battery management system, it can check battery level anytime and it can show us whether battery is under charging, which matters a lot for people both in work and life.

Solar 4G camera can also support cloud services, it can take photos in regular time , take a video in regular time, it can upload data to cloud corner to keep the safety of the data. What’s more, the camera will not lost connection as long as there is a signal, while the traditional wireless cameras still using usb circumscribed 4g module.

There is no doubt that the solar 4G camera is better than the traditional wireless camera no matter from its function and working time. It is no wonder that it is popular with people.