The Way To Prevent Traffic Congestion

- Oct 26, 2018-

The way to prevent traffic congestion

A growing numbers of road vehicles are more prone to traffic problems. It is less likely to dispatch traffic police to control traffic flow in the city. What's the better way to prevent traffic congestion?

Gatesea solar powered security camera is equipped with a intelligent analysis platform. The traffic video based intelligent analysis platform is mainly designed for improving the functions of existing monitoring resources of traffic police departments.

What's more, it acquires information includes vehicle flow, average queue length, saturation, time occupancy ratio, average vehicle speed, spacing between vehicle heads, lane density, lane capacity, and average time based spacing of vehicle head;the system can differentiate vehicle types(including small-sized vehicle, mid-size vehicles and large-size vehicles),subdivide vehicle flows as per vehicle types and realize dynamic detection of vehicle flow.

In a word, Gatesea solar powered security camera can assist police to acquire details of the road. This is the best way to do both.