The Advantages Of Solar 4G Camera

- May 08, 2017-

There are a lot of advantages of Solar 4G cameras. Some of the features associated with them are the following:
1. Solar 4G camera can take photos and send them through GSM and 3G network too.
2. You can manage camera remotely as it each model supports GPS functions.
4. Low power consumption is an added advantage that increase battery life and keep camera in working condition for more time. 
4. Solar cameras come with 40000 mAh battery inside; while the standby time of cameras is up to 20 days. 
5. Operation time is about 5 days.
6. They come with advanced battery management system to check battery level anytime and to check whether battery is under charging situation or not. 
7. Cameras provide support to various operating systems of your Smartphones like Android; while they can connect various sensor signals, debugging sensor signals automatically. 
8. They come equipped with 4G Wi-Fi GPS antenna that prevent lightning for the duration of outdoor working
9. Camera supports cloud services to take photos in regular time and to make videos in the same way. Such wonderful cameras also provide support to upload data to cloud server for data safety.


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