Solar 4G Camera And Forest Fire Protection

- Nov 09, 2017-

There are two kinds of fire prevention, one is human defense and one is technical defense.The human defense is to have the observation tower monitoring, it is through the observation platform to observe the occurrence of the forest fire, determine the location of the fire, report the fire, its advantages are the coverage is larger, the effect is better.Lack of living conditions in remote forested areas without a watchtower;Its observation effects are limited by topography, with small coverage, dead angles and blanks, which can not be observed. It is impossible to observe the large areas of fire, residual fire and underground fire.The thunder and lightning cannot be seen;The observation is a method that depends on the experience of the lookout. The accuracy is low and the error is large.Other people are threatened by lightning, wild animals, and forest encephalitis.

Technical defense, is to use 4g wireless network camera, remote monitoring, after installed the camera, can be no distance monitoring forest, no matter how far, as long as he was on fire, we can see in the monitoring center, find the fire in time, timely alarm, notify the nearest personnel for fire fighting.

The biggest advantage of Solar 4G camera is unattended, safe, environmental protection and energy-saving. It is the best choice for forest fire prevention, and the best fire prevention tool!