The Way Of Monitoring Glacial Features

- Nov 12, 2018-

The way of monitoring glacial features

Rising temperature will cause the melting of the glaciers. But glaciers pose several significant hazards to human life and property. Outburst floods, occur when a large amount of meltwater is suddenly released due to the failure of an ice or moraine dam, or rapid melting due to a volcanic eruption. It is of necessarity for real-time monitoring of glaciers.

Repeat photography is a useful tool for determining the general surface velocity of a glacier. Based on landmarks in the photograph, the position of natural targets on the glacier surface can be approximated and plotted on a map. The change in distance of the location of the target in the photo pairs, and the known interval of time between images can be used to calculate the surface velocity of the glacier at the target location.


Monitoring glacier velocity with repeat photography is an economical technique that requires little specialized training and equipment. Gatesea solar camera system can help you reduce more cost and human resources. Combined by GIS and solar camera system provides 100% glacier data and image collection and the cloud service provides a turn-key solution forenvironmental engineers and scientists to focus on the data. The precise measurement is used by scientists to map out strategies.