How Can We Ensure The Safety Of The Herd In The Ranch?

- Sep 06, 2018-

How can we ensure the safety of the herd in the ranch?

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The most worrying thing about breeding herd is that they are easily stolen by wolves and thieves. How we can solve the problem? The easier way is to install Solar camera system. 24 hours video records guarantees the safety of the herd anytime, anywhere. Gatesea can help you to do that. Through PC & Mobile App allows you to remote monitoring. If an unexpected visitor enters the property, the ranch owner will receive an instant text alert on a mobile phone once a human or vehicle has been detected, while back up storing all your video & images in our cloud software for review. Simultaneously, Gatesea, the wireless cellular camera system, is powered by the sun greatly saves you electricity power. And It is provided with the function of night vision. 4G HD camera allows to receive instant video & images from your remote ranch even in blackout conditions. You can manage your ranch at ease now!