Best Outdoor Remote Control Solar Powered FloodLight

- Oct 12, 2018-

Best Outdoor Remote Control Solar Powered FloodLight

Put yourself in the mind of a burglar. Do you choose to go for the brightly lit home with half a dozen security lights around the perimeter, or to the home with no lights and plenty of dark corners? The answer is simple. A dark home at night is like a sign for a burglar: “Come on in—no one’s home!”

This problem can be solved with Sunwebcam Waterproof Outdoor Solar Powered LED Security Light. Why is it?

Solar lights do not require wiring and can be used with or without motion detectors. Of course, using them with motion detectors can make them more energy efficient because the lights only consume power when the sensor is activated. These lights are environmentally friendly and usually produce as much light as wireless lighting. The final reward is that solar floodlights require little maintenance.

Tech specs

Solar panel :6V/6W

Battery:3.6V 6000MAH

LED Wattage:15W

Waterproof Rate: IP65

Lumen: Up to 1000Lumen

Charging time: 8 hours

Working time: 10-13Hours(Fully Charged)

Switch:Manual+Lighting controlled



☀ 120 LED Ultra-Bright Solar Lights】

☀Included Pole Mounting Bracket For Easy Installation


☀Powerful Solar Panel

☀IP65 Waterproof

Choose Sunwebcam solar LED security light to make your home safer when you go out, and you can remotely control solor light at any time!