How Agricultural Scientists Can Improve Their Work Efficiency?

- Aug 30, 2018-

How agricultural scientists can improve their work efficiency?

Keywords: agricultural scientists, monitor, cultivation, agricultural studies, Gatessea

It is very important for agricultural scientists gather information to monitoring environmental and agriculture areas for study the cultivation of crops. but at the same time very time consuming and sometimes inconsistent due to the availability of the person performing these studies. The most effective way to gather information for environmental and agricultural studies is to have 24/7 monitoring but that is a very expensive task when considering employee time and travel.

The Gatessea allows for 100% wireless/solar data and image collection. Built-in camera supports HD 1080P 2 megapixels resolution. The Cloud Service provides a turn-key solution for environmental engineers and scientists to focus on the data. The picture overlay will take two pictures acquired by the remote surveillance camera and digitally stack them on top of each other so measurements and finite analysis can be performed. There is no doubt that reduce the workload of agricultural research, and improve the accuracy of monitoring data, greatly improving work efficiency.