Gatesea Is A Wireless Security Cam That Never Needs Charging

- Sep 28, 2018-

Gatesea is a Wireless Security Cam That Never Needs Charging

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The problem with Truly Wireless security cameras is that their Wi-Fi connection is generally terrible, they eat through those expensive little batteries, and most offer value for money by needing an expensive cloud subscription. The Gatesea Solar IP WiFi HD Security Camera is both reliable, offers unlimited local recording, and when paired with their solar kit, never needs recharging.

Product description


  • SUNWEBCAM solar powered security WIFI camera built-in 6800mAh battery solar panel charges with solar energy, you can place it anywhere you want outdoor and view, hear and play back from your smartphone app.

  • Camera and solar panel are serparte.

  • Strong water resistant design for working under different weather condition.

  • You can share the snapshot, the live video with your family members up to 5.

  • Requires sufficient WIFI signal. Camera signal enhancement is required when its necessary.




  • Built-in motion detection sensors send you instant alerts when any motion is detected.

  • Long time standby, works 30-60 days without sunlight with 10-20 events record per day.

  • Only needs to charge by solar one day in a week, the battery long last through the entire week.

  • You can monitor, view, hear and playback from your remote app.

  • Monitor your home—day or night—with HD video and infrared night vision with motion detection only records relevant events.