Application Of 34G Video Monitoring Technology In Forest Fire Prevention

- Jul 22, 2017-

Forest fire is one of the most important forestry disasters in the world, with the continuous development of afforestation in China, Fire prevention is a top priority. The main function of forest fire prevention video surveillance system is to identify the smoke and fire accurately and effectively, After introducing new technology 3/4G, high-definition video transmission and image recognition, the fire commander can remotely view real-time video surveillance via mobile phones and computers, so that the performance of forest fire prevention video surveillance system has been effectively improved.

Fire protection video monitoring system has been one of the important means of forest fire prevention and monitoring in our country, after entering the era of intelligent, a new generation of front-end equipment with high precision ball type turntable and intelligent fire smoke recognition algorithm of complete equipment, shorten the cruise time, improves the positioning accuracy and recognition ability, system can realize the “early detection, accurate alarm, accurate location of fire"

On the current market the software of forest fire prevention video monitoring system has various functions, hardware equipment is uneven, lack of uniform design, production and application standards, to this end, The State Forestry Administration issued “the technical specifications of forest fire prevention video surveillance system” on January 18, 2016, The standard was formally implemented on June 1st. The formulation of industry standards will speed up the diffusion of scientific and technological achievements, standardize the order of market competition, and achieve unified command and unified dispatching of forest fire prevention.