4G Wireless Video Surveillance Advantage

- Jun 21, 2017-

4G wireless video surveillance advantage is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Wide coverage: mobile wireless network coverage is extremely high, almost no mountains, rivers, bridges and other complex terrain and regional restrictions;

Easy to deploy: Wireless video surveillance system can be deployed almost anywhere in the room, including water, rugged, remote. Front-end encoders or network cameras, and even mobile phones, to take wireless access, only in the mobile network coverage, you can easily and easily set up a monitoring point, eliminating the complex terrain caused by cumbersome and cumbersome cabling;

High data throughput: taking into account the future development of WIFI and 4G technology, wireless network transmission bandwidth can be as high as 6Mbps ~ 200Mbps;

High reliability: high-end wireless transmission system reliability up to 99.999% carrier-class reliability, can achieve non-disruptive security transmission;

Low cost: eliminates the high cost of long distance network cabling;

Easy to monitor: anytime, anywhere mobile phone for wireless video surveillance, not limited to pre-installed monitor a client computer;

Business diversification: Wireless video monitoring can not only cover all fixed network monitoring business, but also can carry out a variety of mobile services, such as: mobile law enforcement monitoring, mobile interviews and other services.

With the popularity of 4G network signal, 4G network to solve the lack of 4G network; 4G network video surveillance image high definition, fast transmission speed, good stability, the only good enough cost is higher than 4G, which is why 4G network The camera is not the reason for the elimination; some of the project on the video surveillance requirements are not very high and low cost budget are generally using 4G network camera.