4G Cameras Led To The Development Of Public Transport Monitoring

- May 12, 2017-

Nowadays, many of our bus systems still rely on IP video surveillance, it is also a big field for our whole earth to develop vigorously. Many public transport systems are now using the latest IP video surveillance system to monitor the entire bus operation. The surveillance system requires a lot of IP surveillance 4G cameras. This is why 4G cameras can drive the development of public transport monitoring.

According to relevant project staff, the bus monitoring system was first invented by Private Companies, which runs the public transportation system. They originally designed such a system in order to protect their Sishourenyuan not by some criminals attack. After that, however, it slowly evolved into a monitoring mechanism. There is such a monitoring system, the lawless elements have converged a lot, so that the crime was also reduced.



Bus monitoring system is often connected with the operation and scheduling system. As a result, if the bus encountered a traffic accident is not afraid, they can adjust the departure routes in time, you can also contact the security center more quickly. If there are some problems with your passengers, you can also get in touch with the control room by using some phone calls from the system, thus better protect the passenger's personal safety

We usually have several 4G cameras installed on each bus, then the information in the car can be better stored. We can periodically transfer the stored information to our monitoring center when needed. This is also a major highlight of network monitoring, so we believe that under the impetus of 4G cameras. Our bus monitoring is sure to get better development.