- Sep 18, 2017-

Ranches and farms are remote, and WiFi and power grid  are generally not available. Sunwebcam offers a 100% solar powered and security solution and easy to install in minutes, moved easily when you need to change locations.


The Cloud Service and Web Application allow you to log on from any computer or smart phone to remote monitoring, and to receive alerts. 

The security camera system is triggered by motion and provides night vision. If an unexpected visitor enters the property, the ranch owner will receive an instant text alert on a mobile phone once a human or vehicle has been detected.

Benefits include:

● Theft prevention

● Condition live look, keep owner informed with daily activities of their livestocks

● Cost saving on implement of necessary infrastructure for traditional security camera systems

● Improving operation efficiency and increasing their profit margins

Many ranches have feeding and water stations that require a long drive to get to in order to verify food and water volume for the animals. Sunwebcam provides you a perfect security solution.