What is Sunwebcam?

Sunwebcam sells interactive webcams. Our technology gives clients the ability to remotely monitor their live jobsites, and investigate incidents with motion detection alarm record. The advantage of Sunwebcam is combine solar system, 4G LTE technology with security camera, saving power, labor and material cost.

Sunwebcam has software for iOS, Android and PC device. Our clients can visit their webcams remotely at home, in office.

Are Sunwebcam video LIVE?

Yes. The webcam displays live videos. Anytime you visit the camera you are presented with the live video. To increase usability over slower cellular connections, you have option to watch the video in Standard Definition or High Definition.

How does it work?

Sunwebcam 4G Solar Cameras are powered by solar energy. Our built-in 4G LTE modems automatically dial home to our Sunwebcam servers. Users can access Sunwebcam with our smart phone app or PC software. This software interface provides the user with all the tools to interact with the camera.

What types of plug-ins are required for Sunwebcam users?

None. If the app or software is installed on your device, you can access Sunwebcam from anywhere at any time when you are online.

What type of Internet connection is necessary at my camera location?

None. Sunwebcam 4G Solar Cameras ship with built-in 4G LTE cellular modems and connect to the Sunwebcam service automatically. There is one exception: our specialty indoor cameras may require an ethernet connection.

What is included in a Sunwebcam system?

You will receive a camera(battery built inside),solar panel, and brackets. All hardware is protected well and shipped in a carton box to reduce potential transit damage.

Sunwebcam also includes our hosted service, access to all our tools and features, free-forever media hosting, and unlimited support from our NC office.

Is weather a concern?

No, outdoor Sunwebcam 4G Solar cameras require the use of an enclosure which protects them from the elements. The industrial-grade components are available to handle extreme hot, cold, and wet environments. Just locate the Sunwebcam 4G Solar Camera with abundant sunshine to ensure the power supply.

Rain, snow, dust, or dirt may accumulate on the camera enclosure and obstruct the view. These are usually self-correcting with the weather, but you may need to wipe the enclosure’s lens area if it gets too dirty.

How long can your battery last?If the battery gets drained below power requirements would there be any start up procedure needed to get system back up and running

Sunwebcam 4G Solar Camera can last about 4 days during consecutive rainy day (from full to empty). If the battery drained at night, the camera will start up and run automatically in day time. No need anyone to start up the camera (even in rainy day, the weak solar energy is enough to wake up the camera, but cannot last long time at night).

If your 4G Solar Camera is totally wireless, powered by solar and data transmitted by cellular?

Yes, Sunwebcam 4G Solar Camera is totally wireless, powered by solar and data transmission by cellular. You can set the camera anywhere without power cable and Ethernet cable.

What is a PTZ camera?

PTZ stands for pan-tilt-zoom. This means the camera can be steered in almost any direction up/down/left/right and then zoom with a powerful optical lens. The cameras are often called robotic camera because they use motors to steer the camera to the area you wish to view.

What is the lead time on your equipment?

The lead time for Sunwebcam hardware to ship is approximately 5-15 business day, depends which country you are in.4G LTE bands are different between countries.

Can the camera be moved once it is set up?

Yes. You are free to move your camera at any time to any different location or site.

Do you offer installation services?

No. Sunwebcam makes installation incredibly simple. You simply mount the camera and plug it in. No technical skill is required.Everything is hands-on skill instead of technician license to save your labor cost.

How I can get my cameras?

For sample order, we ship the camera by express.

For bulk order, we ship the camera by sea.