Sunwebcam is a security camera brand under GATESEA TECHNOLOGY, focusing on R&D and manufacturing of high performance 3G/4G/WIFI IP camera & solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras in the world. Sunwebcam was developed and patented a low-power, wireless hardware and cloud software that enables end-to-end solar powered systems that are half the cost of alternatives and much simpler to install and manage. We market our products in construction, site security, industrial automation, oil & gas, agriculture, law enforcement and environmental monitoring.

Our Factory

GateSea Tech cooperated with sever major universities for talent cultivating, successfully turned the latest solar photovoltaic and wireless camera technology into products advantages, 8 postgraduates and 25 bachelors professional experts works for GateSea Tech R&D team, more than 8% company income had been invested in this department every year, GateSea Tech generated 20 patent applications for new inventions in just one year in 2015.







Team & Projects

We join projects include:

The Project of Base station monitoring - China Mobile Communication Cooperation

The Project of Agricultural Monitoring - Chinese Academy of Sciencese

The Project of Agricultural Monitoring - Beijing Normal University

The Project of Construction Monitoring - Jun hua real estate

The Project of Construction Monitoring (OEM camera and platform) – A famous security solution company

The Project of Environmental Mnitoring – One security solution company

Our Product

Solar powered wireless outdoor security cameras
Sunwebcam sells and supports high performance 3G/4G/WIFI IP camera with solar power options for various applications.
Custom & OEM Solutions
We would be happy to discuss custom applications and configurations to make your project a success.

Product Application

We market our products in construction, site security, industrial automation, oil & gas, agriculture, law enforcement and environmental monitoring.

Our Certificate

All products has passed China Compulsory Certification (CCC) regulations, some of products has been certificated by CE, UL and FCC regulations.

Product Patent including IP67 Waterproof Rate ,Patent for Invention (Battery) , Pattern for Product (Design).

Production Equipment

With most advanced Germany brands photovoltaic solar panels laminating machine, solar cell laser cutting machine, high precision chip sorting machine, Siemens broadband pulse aging line, the company annual capacity reached peak productivity of 1.7MW photovoltaic module and 5,000 sets solar camera.

Production Market

Inspire A New Vision

You must have noticed there is an nonwovens bag printed "professional solar camera & solution manufactory " appears in all of our project sites, it followed GateSea Tech engineers all over China, even to foreign construction sites......After transitory stop at each site, we left illustrious solar camera, then get ready to next destination. It's ordinary just like us but you can feel our simple happiness, our persistent commitment to responsibility, you will find out lots of remarkable qualities when you know more about us, we are always on the go for an environmental-friendly world, and we are truly grateful for your companion.

Our service

Our R&D Department consists of a team of specialists who have over 15 years of experience in the software and hardware development varies industries and good at providing custom and OEM solutions include:

· Camera configuration customization

· Custom configuration

· Custom functions

· Mobile Application customization

Custom and branded user interfaces

Support for specific field application

Date analytics and alerting functions

· Cloud service providers access customization


Sunwebcam is a new breed of site cameras. There are 3 reasons to consider Sunwebcam:
·Patented Technologies– the breakthroughs in reducing power consumption of cameras and smart charging of solar battery. This has made solar power reliable, efficient, and much lower cost than current generation systems.

·Certificates - IP67 Waterproof Rate Patent for Invention (Battery)Pattern for Product Design.

·Strong Technical Team– provides strong technical support for custom & OEM solutions, special for construction, oil & gas, agriculture, Electric Power Grid Security and environmental monitoring projects.

·Affordable Price – Sunwebcam professional site cameras are half the cost of alternatives. Seriously, see the comparison here.

We are currently looking for new channels partners and welcome the opportunity to hear from companies that would like to resell our products into their own channels. Please contact us by emailing info@sunwebcam.com or calling +86 76087808162 for further pricing or technical information.